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Our Story

If you ever take a walk around downtown Rock Hill, you might notice something in the sky. Above the skies soars one of the many drones belonging to The Rock Hill Drone Guy. Also known as Aaron Longstreth, he has become a staple in the Rock Hill and surrounding community.


Longstreth has been taking aerial photographs and videos since 2015, but his experience with photos and videos stretches longer. Hist two-decade-long passion for photography and videography has allowed him to work across the country. 


Longstreth said he first became interested in aerial photography because he “is always looking for ways to get a better or more compelling shot. When drones became more accessible it was like a dream come true. Until getting my first higher quality drone in 2015, I could’ve never imagined having the ability to get shots from all these unique angles.” 

Longstreth also believes in giving back to the community. “There are so many great leaders and organizations locally doing incredible things. If I can be a sponsor or use my photos or videos to help show off these people and events that inspire the community, then I am all in.”

The Rock Hill Drone Guy is a FAA certified Unmanned Aerial Vehicle company that specializes in aerial photography, videography, event recaps, commercial development planning and pretty much any other service you'd need a licensed drone operator for. 


Some services offered like real estate photography and videography are pretty straight forward but most of his clients have specific unique needs that they identify together and bring to life.



Let's Talk

Describe your project and let us know your needs and wants.

Schedule a Flight
After identifying your project details & needs, we’ll send an FAA certified drone operator to your location.

Your drone photos will be available within 24 hours and the videos will be available to download within 3-5 days following the time of the shoot.

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